...Even If You Hate Conflict!
Ever encountered someone who frustrates you so much that you feel like you want to pull your hair, jump around the room and just scream out loud?

You're not alone!

Doesn't it seem like we deal with difficult people in almost all phases of our lives?

I've worked with difficult people over the years. Sometimes it's been my supervisor, other times it's been my fellow associates and even other times, it's people in other departments.

Difficult people don't get work in when promised, they don't show up for meetings, they stick vehemently to their views and refuse to collaborate, they push back on work that they're responsible for - and more.

Then there are our friends and families who can be extremely difficult to deal with. 

I've heard enough stories to know that a lot of people's families drive them to the brink from time to time. 

Or you have that one friend you've known forever who doesn't have appropriate boundaries and does and says thing that make you think, "I can't believe this is even happening..."

Difficult people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people's buttons. 

Either way, they create unnecessary complexity, strife and worst of all stress.

Years ago, I used to get bothered and worked up over such situations.

I'd think, "Why are these people being so difficult?", "This family member is SO irresponsible!", "Just my luck to work with them" or "I don't ever want to see this person again!"

After a while, I learned that these people are everywhere. 

No matter where you go, you can never hide from them. Sure, it might be possible to avoid the 1st one or two difficult people, but how about the 3rd, 5th, 10th person you encounter? 

Hiding isn't a permanent solution. What's more, in the context of work, it's usually difficult to avoid or hide from someone, unless you quit from a job totally.

Well - I don't know about you, but it doesn't seem feasible to quit every time someone has an opposing view or is being difficult.

So rather than turn to some drastic decisions each time, why not equip yourself with the skills to deal with them?

Inside this book, you'll find a 3-step system that people around the world have used to deal with difficult people, and you can learn it, too.

You can use these techniques with your employee, a family member, your boss, a customer, even a stranger.

...Even if you hate conflict
Learn the proven secrets to dealing with difficult people so they step up or step out within four weeks in ANY organisation or situation - WITHOUT conflict or drama!
 Everything is inside this book!
Ever find YourselF tiptoeing around difficult people, Trying to avoid conflict?


"I don't want to make a big deal out of things."

"It's not worth the reaction I'd get if I brought up the issue."

"I don't have time to deal with the fall-out actually addressing the problem with them would create."

Does any of that sound familiar?
Let's be real. Unless you're a prizefighter whose job is to engage in knock-down, drag-out brawls, nobody really enjoys conflict.

It's easier to just avoid dealing with the difficult people in your company than rock the boat (and risk upending the whole thing) ... right?


When there's a difficult team member causing dysfunction inside a business, it affects everything - team dynamics, productivity, company culture.

Not dealing with it can cause things to go from a small frustration to a BIG PROBLEM, fast!

But before you brace yourself to deal with the inevitable blowout, can I ask you a question? 

This is one of the MOST common challenges leaders face ... but what if the massive blowout you're dreading ISN'T inevitable?

What if there was a way you could get difficult people to step up or step out within four weeks - drama and conflict-free?

There Is!

How to deal with difficult people even if you hate conflict
Inside this ebook, you'll find an effective and proven strategy for dealing with difficult people while keeping two main objectives in mind:
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Holding difficult people accountable for their poor behaviour without big conflicts or confrontations 
  • SELF-DETERMINATION: Sustaining accountability so THEY willingly decide to step up or step out of your organisation in four weeks

How Do You Get People To Step Up Or Step Out On Their Own?

The system detailed in Step Up or Step Out hinges on one basic premise:
People Don't Like Being Uncomfortable
Imagine you're walking along, minding your own business, when you feel a nagging pain in your foot. Every time you take a step, you feel it. There's a rock in your shoe.

It doesn't feel good. Pretty soon, you're limping. You become so uncomfortable that you know you have to do something. Doing nothing is no longer an option. 

Common sense says either get the rock out of your shoe or leave the shoes themselves behind.  
Could you make either choice and have it work out okay? Yes.

Would it take a confrontation or conflict to get you to do something about it? No.

Step Up or Step Out's system for dealing with difficult people operates along the same lines. 

Just like you wouldn't have to drop an anvil on someone's foot to get them to do something about the rock in their shoe, you don't have to stage a big confrontation to deal with a difficult person. 

You just have to make things uncomfortable enough that they will either change or choose to remove themselves.

When done correctly, the system inside this ebook can work in as little as four weeks - WITHOUT conflict or confrontation!
Here's How It Works ...
Ninety-nine percent of leaders handle conflict in one of two ways.

They either hate it and avoid it at all costs ...

... or they create an environment where big, disastrous battles are fought daily. 

In either case, that's not an environment anyone wants to work in long-term. 

Avoiding conflict at all costs or allowing a shots-fired free-for-all of confrontations make it nearly impossible for a team and organisation to reach its full potential. 

Conflict happens. It's a part of life. But it’s RISKY to jump into conflict with difficult people without a plan.

That's why you need this ebook. Inside this book, you'll find a 3-step system that helps difficult people to make their own choice to change their behaviour or leave the team or organisation. 
  • FIRST:  Set clear expectations
  • SECOND:  Choose small battles over and over again
  • THIRD:  Avoid surprises
When you set clear expectations, choose small battles repeatedly and avoid surprises, 95% of the time a difficult person will self-determine to step up or step out within four weeks.

And when that happens, not only will YOU sleep better at night, but your whole team culture will improve. You'll be able to maintain and attract more great employees, and your team and organisation can finally become the BEST they can be.
Step up and step out reveals How To dEAL WITH A DIFFICULT PERSON SO THEY STEP UP OR STEP OUT WITHIN 4 WEEKS BY teaching how to
  • ​Why dealing with difficult people is both possible and remarkably simple but it’s painfully difficult (page 8)
  • ​The secret to dealing with a difficult person so they step up or step out within four weeks (page 8)
  • ​Do you really think you have to put up with their poor behaviour because you hate conflict? (page 9)
  • ​4 ingredients of the recipe for disaster (and how to avoid these at all cost so you don’t end up having a massive conflict where nobody wins) (page 25)
  • ​Why clarifying expectations is the foundation of dealing well with difficult people (page 26)
  • ​Why avoiding conflict isn’t an option (and how to do it in a way that’s 10x less uncomfortable and painful than the big blow-ups we often experience) (page 27)
  • ​Why it’s always a bad sign when an employee is surprised (and why you NEED to focus on removing the element of surprise from your relationships with difficult people) (page 28)
  • ​The difference between unclear expectations and unrealistic expectations (and how unrealistic expectations are the secret ingredient that makes difficult people so… difficult) (page 31)
  • ​The 3 stages to dealing with a difficult person so they step up or step out within four weeks (page 35)
  • ​The simple strategy I use with my clients to help them work out how clear their expectations are for their team (page 36)
  • ​ What to do if conflict is your nemesis (and a simple framework for having a crucial conversation that starts with self-deprecation and an apology that ACTUALLY WORKS) (page 38)
  • ​How to create a clean slate with a difficult employee without letting them off the hook for their poor behaviour (page 39)
  • ​Foolproof hacks to have crucial conversations where you clarify or change expectations (page 40)
  • ​Why starting an ‘awesome employee’ with a ‘she’ll be alright’ attitude and without any expectations is the WORST thing you can do to yourself (page 41)

Why Does This eBook Work?

Because Difficult People Won't Put Up With Being Held consistently Accountable
You'll never be able to change things overnight by addressing every bad behaviour that's ever happened in your team at once.

But when you start small by clarifying or changing expectations, even a difficult person can handle that without getting defensive. 

Crystal clear expectations lay the foundation for one of the most difficult hurdles for a key goal - accountability!

Now that they know you're holding them accountable, the expectations you clarify or change can be used to conduct SMALL BATTLES again and again and again.

If you hate conflict, you're not alone! But if you could get someone to step up or step out within four weeks by having small battles that are only slightly uncomfortable and don't blow up in everyone's faces... do you think you might be able to handle that?

Yes...I think you can. And this book will show you exactly how to do it.

Step Up or Step Out is a 66-page ebook that can be read in an afternoon. 

It's not your typical leadership book with a bunch of theories and hypotheticals.

It's an actual step-by-step blueprint for dealing with difficult people using an effective, proven system. 

And it works WITHOUT conflict and confrontation. 
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"Good leaders ask great questions." 
- John Maxwell

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This list is a kickstart to get you moving forward quickly in your one-on-ones and team meetings. It will give you a list to pick from to be able to take your conversations with leaders, coachees and stakeholders to the next level!

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That's why I've created this list of 10 books for you. These books are my go-to leadership books if you want to grow in every department of leadership. I don't just think they're okay, these are the books that literally changed my life and I believe they can change yours, too!

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I Have used This Exact System with Coaching Leaders Around The World...
Here's what they have to say
“Jonno is a passionate, experienced and responsive leadership consultant. His disarming approach when addressing challenging leadership questions engaged a wide spectrum of people leaders across our organisation. Comfortable communicating with large or small groups, Jonno’s singular vision of investing in people to help organisations thrive...permeated all aspects of support, guidance and engagement offered. Jonno uses research proven leadership methodologies as well as foundational...principles to deliver context appropriate strategies that engage participants in building tangible takeaways for use in the long and short term. My experience of working with Jonno resulted in greater clarity, more effective team and increased appreciation of organisational purpose and values.” 
Christopher Martin
New Zealand
“Through a relaxed and engaging interactive session, Jonno was able to lead the team to a crescendo of clarity about our mission and vision, simply by posing a series of thought-provoking questions and then working the room to bring those into focus. The session inspired many of us with a fresh revelation of the significance of our function individually and corporately.” 
Alison Petersen
"I really enjoy the time I have spent with Jonno as it makes me take a step back from a frantic pace...and evaluate what is currently important. It gives me an hour each time to reflect on what is currently on my mind and some head space in which to process this. As a leader, with little time to process thoughts each day, working with Clarity has been an invaluable resource to clarify my thinking and I hope this will continue throughout the year to support me to lead." 
Elaine Field
"I was reluctant at first to engage the services of Jonno as other contractors had disappointed in the past. Jonno quickly hit the mark and can best be described as engaging, thought-provoking and culture-shifting. I highly recommend Jonno and hope to use him in the future. You won’t be disappointed!" 
Graeme Budler
New Zealand
 “Jonno presents a refreshing perspective, not ‘earth- shattering’ but refreshing. I say that because the bulk of what he achieves is done by the listener answering his questions. That’s right, Jonno helps you answer your own questions by asking more! Who’d have thought gaining clarity came from asking the right questions, because we mostly only ever spend our time seeking answers. Jonno’s curiosity enables him to reach the heart of the person enabling them to define their own path.”
Andrew Iles
“We had the privilege of having Jonno work with us through individual coaching sessions, small group work with leadership and collectively as a whole organisation. Jonno helped us understand where each individual fits within the bigger picture of the organisation’s mission and how each staff member has been called to this organisation for such a time as this. Working with Clarity...provided opportunity for our individual and collective purpose to be refined and understood within the bigger...story.” 
Paul Thompson
“Our individual coaching sessions with Jonno have been invaluable. These sessions have enabled me to reflect on my own leadership and to clearly identify areas I need to grow and strengthen to enable me to lead more effectively. Jonno has a unique ability to ask targeted questions which have scaffolded my thinking and enabled me to reflect and arrive at my own solutions to challenges. I have greatly appreciated his wisdom and insights along with his clear and thorough understanding of Leadership principles. He has been a real gift to us.” 
Marion Trotter 
“In the one on one coaching, it’s Jonno’s gentle and warm manner, his “less is more” approach and his genuine desire to facilitate growth in leaders which all combine to create a rare space in which self-reflection is safe, powerful and revealing. Working with Jonno has helped me to consider all aspects of my leadership work, find direction for future endeavors, and has energized me for the road ahead." 
Lyndall Waters 

YES JONNO! Give Me Instant Access To Step Up or Step Out RIGHT NOW For Just $9.99!

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  • The Coaching Checklist (Value $97)
  • ​​​The Leadership Survival Guide (10 World-Class Leaders Reveal Their Secrets) 57-Page eBook (Value $497)
  • ​​Great Questions To Ask For Coaches And Leaders (Value $97)
  • ​​Decoded: Top 10 Leadership Books That Changed My Life (Value $297)

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"But Jonno, What If This Book Is A Complete Waste?"
It's not - I wouldn't do that to you!

But I get it. It's easy to be skeptical of advertising claims at this point. I’m not asking you to let your guard down.

That would be unfair given how many half-truths there are on the internet to wade through.

That's Why Your Purchase Is Protected By My Money-Back Guarantee
Buy my book for $9.99. If you dislike it for ANY reason, just let me know and I’ll refund you the $9.99. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just ask for a refund, and it’s yours.
Let's say you're a leader with a team of eight, and ONE of them is a difficult person causing problems for you and the rest of your team.

How many of the great people on your team do you think would be GLAD if you could get that difficult person to step up or step out within four weeks?

Let's be conservative and say it was just one ... one person out of seven.
Now instead of risking losing that great person due to the behaviour of the difficult person ...

... they're thankful you're holding others accountable for their behaviour and become even more loyal and committed to your team long-term. 

That would make a BIG difference, right?

So even if this ebook could help you improve to just average at dealing with difficult people and keep that one great employee in your team long-term, it's worth it!

And I know this ebook gives you the tools and strategies to get more than just average at dealing with difficult people. 

It gives you a step-by-step roadmap on how to get difficult people to step up or step out of team and organisation so that you're left with just great employees.
When you put the system inside this ebook to work, you'll see difficult people choose to step up or step out while the great people stay.

How much more effective and efficient will everything be without the distraction of poor behaviour from difficult people plus the sustained quality from keeping your best people?

Think about the difference that will make in your life as a leader.

What about the impact it will have on the bottom line of your business, team or organisation?

More importantly, what difference might that make to your vision and mission for your team and organisation?

Whatever those numbers might be, your life, team and organisation will transform before your very eyes.
For just $9.99, you can purchase my 66-page ebook, Step Up or Step Out, and get everything you need to implement this game-changing strategy into your leadership.

Or you can close out this page and keep doing what you've been doing.
The Book Is $9.99.... But What is is it costing you NOT to purchase it?
Thousands, conservatively.

The number of great employees or volunteers you're NOT keeping because you don't have a system for dealing well with difficult people so they STEP UP or STEP OUT is staggering.

If you're anything like other leaders I've worked with, you're missing out on keeping at least one great employee or volunteer every year you wait.

And if you’re not keeping your great people, you won't see your team or organization become the best it can be.

After years of sitting stagnant and never cracking the code to dealing well with difficult people so you can keep your best people …

... you’ll give up on seeing your team or organization become everything you once dreamed it could be - either by choice or by force. That’s the most costly outcome of all.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results you've always had. 


You can do something different right now by investing a few bucks in the same system that I use to help leaders around the world to deal with difficult they step up or step out in FOUR WEEKS.

The choice is yours.
P.S. - Skip to the bottom? Here's the recap:

Since 2017, I've been coaching leaders around the world to help them build their leadership capacity.

The number one challenge that leaders experience is how to deal with difficult people when you hate conflict.

If you avoid conflict at all costs or go there and constantly have big one-off battles then you'll have disastrous conflict and confrontation that ends up blowing up in your face either way.

That's why I’m offering you a book that walks you through how to do it. It’s called Step Up or Step Out.

It'll show you how to clarify or change expectations, avoid surprises and then pick small battles again and again and again so difficult people step up or step out within FOUR WEEKS.

It costs $9.99, but if you dislike it for any reason, just let me know. I’ll refund the money and you can keep the book.

$9.99 is ridiculously cheap for what you're getting, so I'll probably raise the price soon.

You're going to love it!

Jonno White

YES JONNO! Give Me Instant Access To Step Up or Step Out RIGHT NOW For Just $9.99!

Grab Step Up Or Step Out:  How To Deal With Difficult People Even If You Hate Conflict Now For Just $9.99 And I'll Send You Everything You See Here!

  • One-Page Guide To Coaching (Value $197)
  • The Coaching Checklist (Value $97)
  • ​​​The Leadership Survival Guide (10 World-Class Leaders Reveal Their Secrets) 57-Page eBook (Value $497)
  • ​​Great Questions To Ask For Coaches And Leaders (Value $97)
  • ​​Decoded: Top 10 Leadership Books That Changed My Life (Value $297)

Total Value $1,185

Yours Now For Just $9.99

If you dislike this book for ANY reason, I’ll refund you the $9.99. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just ask for a refund, and it’s yours.
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